Social Media should be used for branding purposes, while it has its uses in advertising and marketing a company, it is primarily use is for branding a company. Social Media is about getting your brand in front of the eyes of your customers and potential customers, so when one of them needs your product or service, your brand is who they will think of first.

As a Director of Marketing with a Sales staff that was only familiar with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin by name and theory, but in practice not so much, I called upon Heather as an expert in social media training and strategy. She came highly recommended and it is with pleasure that I continue to spread the good word about Heather.  Humble, knowledgeable, patient, and professional are just a few ways that I would describe her.

She understands the importance that professional's brand themselves with the help of social media.  Heather shared of herself and her expertise with grace to an audience that had varying degrees of understanding on how to use  the internet venues to their benefit, but more importantly, how to translate their  own professional expertise in service and to be a benefit to the sales team's clients.

We were very pleased with her workshop and the staff left confidently knowing they would use social media with ease.
~P. Horton, Bearlingtar Insurance

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